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ALUMIL's aluminium systems are distinguished for constructional perfection, modern planning, and endurance, while they offer high aesthetics and functionality. In addition, compatibility allows various combinations.

Supreme Systems, ALUMIL's new systems of Hinged and Sliding frames, incorporate all the expertise of our Research & Development department, and are characterised by top aesthetics and excellent functionality. Furthermore, they ensure high thermal insulation and high security.

ELVIAL is one of the most rapidly growing aluminum profiles extruders in the Greek and European aluminum market.

ALUMINCO has evolved to an integrated vertical aluminium industry focusing on developing, producing and marketing branded aluminium systems for every architectural use.

The Schüco manufactures and internationally has a wide range of profiles, mechanisms and accessories.

The PVC frames, also known as plastic frames or more correctly,synthetic frames, are increasingly used in our country.

Our Solidakis Interior Doors systems meet the most demanding needs both in terms of technology and elegance, without compromising functionality and performance.

The Modern Wooden frames, after many years of evolution, consist of building blocks of ultramodern standards and technology. 

They provide revocation  for ventilation, double and triple glazing with special gases containing argon and krypton, include up to quadruple insulation (rubber). Stained with high-strength Water soluble ecologically impregnating varnishes. No need for legacy type of maintenance (scraping paint), their wood is triple layered (three "slices" of wood opposite glued) and "panels" are made of special high strength marine plywood.

The wood that is mainly used is meranti, oak, teak, pine, larch (Larch) and spruce (fir) which have been dried and passed through deworming process. They also include adjustable hinges and perimeter advanced mechanisms.