Consulting, measuring & design
We shall visit your space and, after studying your architectural specifications and taking measurements, we'll propose solutions based on the requirements of your space and aesthetics. We are strictly committed to the punctual delivery and quality of our products.
We have the experience to overcome any architectural or design challenge. With modern machinery and our series of certifications, we are able to undertake projects in any sector, from combining budget aluminum & PVC solutions, to advanced thermal and sound insulating aluminum systems, special constructions and safety or bulletproof systems for protection against malicious acts. Delivering customer satisfaction is, needless to say, our top priority.
Installation / Replacement
Have you ever considered that by keeping your older windows, you may be paying increasingly more money on heating and cooling due to heat loss? Replacing your doors and windows offers multiple benefits in terms of energy consumption. Frames of older construction are often of poor quality and can cause heat loss which leads to higher energy consumption for heating or cooling. Contact us to see how to replace your existing window systems and conserve energy and money!
After sales & technical support
Aluminum frames are characterized by their high resistance to weather conditions and time and do not require tedious maintenance. However, a preventive check and service is an integral part of the life cycle of a proper installation. Our well-trained and certified personnel remain by your side after the installation, to provide technical support and maintenance.

Choose top quality and design!


Pantelis Solidakis
Managing Director
Michalis Solidakis
Operations & Production
Vasiliki Galani
Proposals department
Fotis Xenakis
Nikos Dimitriadis
Civil Engineer
Vicky Dori
Architect - Interior Design
George Stathopoulos
Legal Advisor
Dimitris Argyropoulos
Architecture Εngineer


Partners Certifications

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CE Certification

Our company, consistent with the commitment of offering top quality products, announces the CE certification for aluminum frames since 01.02.2010, in accordance with the EU directive 89/106 for aluminum frame manufacturers.

Armored doors

Our company certifies the safety and quality of armored doors according to the methods and standards defined by the European Directive ENV 1627 - 1. We offer certified products of Class 2, Class 3, Class 4.