The leading role of shading systems and their benefits

 Apart from the undeniable practical value, the sunshade contribute significantly to the aesthetics of the building and, in particular, are among the most effective "mechanisms" to reduce energy consumption.

 Prevent sunlight from entering the interior of the house, acting as a further "shield" the noise of cities, improve the ventilation conditions and are an essential element of a modern bioclimatic house. The shades are among the most effective "mechanisms" to reduce energy consumption, supported by a whole industry, arranged after studying specific (usually an architect) and improve the aesthetics and living conditions from the moment you install. Pergolas, balconies, roofs, awnings, shutters, blinds, meshes (solid or perforated) and many more, with fixed or moving parts, the shades help us gain energy and ... euros!

 Studies show that the solar radiation control which enters the interior of the buildings, the use of external shading, is highly effective, providing great savings.

The shades:


  •  They enable adjustment of the incoming light at the desired level throughout the day.
  •  They help to control the temperature.
  •  ensure uniform conditions in each area.
  •  Improve the living and working conditions in the most pleasant, healthy and environmentally friendly way.
  •  Ensure economy from reduced use of air conditioning.


 In bioclimatic houses, the sun protection is an integral part of their operation and basic prerequisite for ensuring thermal comfort conditions in buildings, especially during the summer period. The sun protection is achieved both with the structural elements of the building (eg brackets) and with shades, exterior primarily fixed or mobile. Usually placed on those aspects of the house where the heat strain (due to sun) is larger, in order to improve the energy efficiency of the building. Experts recommend positioned horizontal blinds in the south, southeast and southwest direction to such an extent (eg optimal length from 0.80 to 1 m.) In order not to prevent the winter sun. In Western and Eastern orientations recommended shades upright.

 A properly selected and mounted visor ensures the natural illumination of the building or even works as ... stiffening of natural lighting, in combination (in modern architecture) even by planting flowers, trees or climbing plants!

 Within the energy upgrading of houses, through the "Saving home" program need to have the blinds or not shall be documented by the energy audit and rely on study. The benefit (eg to save energy for cooling the house) estimated that it can even reach 20%. The legislature include subsidized interventions installing external blinds fixed and mobile protective covers the openings (shutters, blinds).

 The shades reflect and absorb, depending on the material, the color and angle prosptosis- a significant portion of solar radiation. Their placement indoors dissipate heat (indoor air conditioned area) and also reflect solar heat back into the glass, part of which is absorbed by it and at a rate, attributed, again, indoors. More and more studies, however, show that the external fitting shading is more efficient compared with the interior blinds, as the entire reflected heat remains on the outside and the absorbed heat is also dissipated to the outside. External shading can be aluminum, wood, steel, or other synthetic materials.

 The blinds also ensure, reduce noise pollution by acting as bulwarks noise protection, and significantly improve the living conditions for the building occupants, and often enhance the aesthetics of the building and contribute to a more integrated appearance. Application of modern technologies allows us to adjust the shading (fixed or mobile) in our operational needs in our pocket, choosing, for example, mobile sunshade with manual or electric parts.

 Market complete proposal is available for outdoor shading buildings using aluminum blinds etc. These systems include both the slats profile, and the profile to be used as guides to support the slats. A comprehensive range of accessories ensures the system absolute accuracy and ease of installation in any building. Also, they have mechanisms for controlling movement in blinds with remote control. For shading with fixed or movable louvers, to align horizontal or vertical or overhung configuration, the systems may choose someone, coupled with the right frames, and ensure high energy benefit many aesthetic choices.