Alumil S450

S450 is a very versatile thermal insulating system for SIMPLE SLIDING orLIFT-SLIDING doors and windows. The engineering concept and the range of alternative solutions make this system a distinct choice that includes the following characteristics:

  • 45 mm sash width
  • Stainless steel rails for smooth and easy scrolling
  • high efficiency brushes (tri- fin) for sealing simple sliding constructions
  • Lift-Sliding sash up for 90 & 150 Kg with steel hardware
  • Regular sliding for 120 Kg sash
  • High thermal insulation
  • Suitable for any typology of sliding constructions, even pocket doors
  • Combines with sliding shutters and/or sliding fly screens
  • Optional higher security level by using multi locking hardware


Frame width    

114,5 mm

Sash width

45 mm

Minimum visible height of construction 

122,7 mm

Sash mechanism weight limit

150 Kg

Maximum glass thickness

up to 28 mm

Cross section thickness

up to 1,6



Type of system



from 3,6 up to 4,4 W/m2K

Exterior aesthetics


Sliding Type

Lift- Slide

Type of thermal insulation

12 mm, 16 mm, 24 mm polyamide


GU Inline, GU 937, GU 939


Double sash horizontal sliding
Triple sash horizontal sliding
Quadruple sash meeting stile  horizontal sliding
Triple sash meeting stile  horizontal sliding
Single sash sliding pocket window
Double sash sliding pocket window