Alumil Smartia P200

The P200 is a modular aluminum system for interior partitions, in which the cell frame units are hung on both sides on a totally concealed aluminium grid, leaving a stylish gap in-between.

In the structural version, glazing is mounted onto the aluminum frame either with double-sided tape or silicone, creating an elegant combination of clean lines and glass surfaces. 

In the semi-structural version glass is held in a frame which leaves an aluminium strip around the glazing.

  • Entrance door may be from glass (single or double-glazed) or wood with aluminum frame
  • High soundproofing 
  • Possibility to include intermediate adjustable louvers
  • Possibility for complex constructions (angled, cross, “T”)
  • 70mm partition width
  • 48dB soundproofing
  • Single or double glazing