SMARTIA PG160P Santorini, a system for outstanding bioclimatic pergolas, is characterized by the high durability and the innovations it incorporates, offering ideal shading solutions for outdoor applications. It is probably the only pergola system that can cover in free-standing typologies (without wall mounting) a surface of up to 50 m2 with only four columns. The possible covered surface can be even doubled by adding just two more columns (i.e. 100 m2 with only 6 columns), without affecting the elegant and minimal design of the pergola.

The rotating louvers for adjustable shading and protection from bad weather conditions, as well as the plethora of the available equipment, reflect the system’s bioclimatic philosophy and guarantee excellent living conditions all year round.


  • Efficient protection against sunlight, rain, snow and other weather conditions
  • Controlled living conditions due to the bioclimatic philosophy and side elements integration, such as sliding glass system, rolling shading ZIP-screens, shutters, LED, etc.
  • Extremely robust constructions, which allows very wide dimensions up to 7.5 x 7.5 m with just four columns
  • State-of-the-art fittings, e.g. the patented concealed and noiseless mechanism and the integrated automation systems
  • High aesthetics and minimal design with emphasis on detail, e.g. no visible fixation points
  • Vast range of solutions and possibility of full customization and expandability to meet every need



USE  adjustable shading, controlled living conditions

FUNCTIONALITY  bioclimatic, motorized louvers

APPLICATIONS  adjustable shading in luxury residences, hotels, roof gardens, commercial spaces, restaurants, lounges and dining places

ADDITIONAL FEATURES  rolling shading fabric (ZIP), top-hung aluminium shutters, LED lighting, glass sliding system, heating and sound devices

PLACEMENT - INSTALLATION  easy modular assembling

RAIN PROTECTION  special sealing and water drainage system, which guides the rain water from the roof to bottom of the posts.

Technical Characteristics

COLUMN DIMENSION  160 x 160 mm

LOUVERS  190 mm with special gasket

MAXIMUM DIMENSIONS  height 3.0 m, width 7.5 m and length 7.5 m

MECHANISM  concealed

LOUVERS ANGLE  0-135° degrees, all day shading

LIGHTING  linear tape integrated at louvers and transoms

SLIDING SYSTEM  4-sash and 4+4-sash typologies

SHADING SCREEN  2.8 x 6.0 m

AUTOMATION  remote control, weather sensors, smart apps


SURFACE TREATMENTS  seaside resistance without coating peeling off thanks to the possibility of pre-anodising, use of extruded aluminium fittings for enhanced protection against corrosion.

SNOW WEIGHT  up to 300 Kg/m2 or 2.0 m of snow


All available typologies

  • Single wall-mounted
  • Single wall-mounted with intermediate transom
  • Single free-standing
  • Single free-standing with intermediate transom
  • Multiple free-standing
  • Multiple free-standing with intermediate transoms
  • Double wall-mounted with intermediate transoms
  • Double free-standing
  • Double free-standing with intermediate transoms