Alumil Smartia S440

The S440 is Alumil's brand new system for thermal insulated sliding framesthat offers high level of quality and performances. Alumil created the innovative sliding system S440 according to the modern architectural trends and the requirements for higher energy-efficient systems with excellent performances. It is the ideal solution for sliding frames in Western Europe.

The linear shape of the profiles has been designed so as to minimize both the visible aluminum frame and the visible depth of the system. The performances of the system meet the most demanding requirements by combining high energy efficiency, safety and modern design and enable a large range of constructions that can contribute significantly to the buildings’ energy efficiency thanks to the following characteristics of the system:

  • 75 mm minimum sash height for maximizing visibility and natural lighting.
  • Specifically designed sash for reinforcing the alignment of the profiles.
  • Narrow interlocking profile with 39 mm visible aluminum face width.
  • Two sash profiles available for 45ο and 90ο assembling.
  • Fiberglass reinforced polyamides of 40mm width in the frame and 40mm, 32mm width in the sash profile offering to the system a high level of thermal insulation (Uf = 2,6 W/m2K).
  • Extra thermal insulation at the interlocking point by using PVC profile.
  • PVC profiles for drainage with specially designed clipped cover that offers high water tightness and reduces visually the frame depth.


Visible aluminium face width    

111,5 mm

Frame height

45 mm

Frame width 

103 mm

Sash height

75 mm

Sash width

44 mm

Interlocking profile width

39/ 78,5 mm

Sash weight

up to 120 Kg


32 mm

Cross section thickness

1,5 - 2,5 mm


Polyamides 40 mm, 32 mm width, PVC parts



Type of system



2,6 W/m2K

Exterior aesthetics


Sliding Type


Type of thermal insulation

Polyamides 40mm & 32mm width, PVC 




Double, triple horizontal sliding doors
Four sash horizontal meeting stile sliding doors
Pocket sliding doors
Sliding doors with fixed lights
Sliding doors with fly-screen and sliding shutter
Cooperation with hinged systems (M9660)