Alumil Supreme M30600

The tilt-and-turn system M30600 with high antiballistic protection level (FB6) and noise reduction is a non-thermal break system for fixed and tilt-and-turn window applications. The robustness of the profiles allow the system to carry weight up to 300 Kg per sash.

The M30600 system uses glass thickness up to 50mm with special security glazing beads, as well as sealing with 3 level Aluseal gaskets. High antiballistic protection is achieved thanks to special 6mm steel blades reinforcements.

  • Basic depth of system 90mm
  • Anti ballistic protection FB4 level without additional steel reinforcement ( “Magnum 0,357”, “Remington 0,45”)
  • Anti ballistic protection FB6 level with additional steel reinforcement (“Kalashnikov 7.62x51mm 5.56x45mm”)
  • The system uses heavy duty hinges and special security glazing bead
  • Supports sash weight up to 300 Kg and  glass thickness up to 50 mm


Frame depth      

90,9 mm

Sash depth

103 mm

Minimum visible face width 

152,3 mm

Minimum visible width (Τ-profile)

118,4 mm

Sash mechanism weight limit

300 Kg

Glass thickness

50 mm

Cross section thickness

3 - 14,4 mm



Type of system




Exterior aesthetics


Glazing method

Glazing Bead

Type of thermal insulation



European Groove


Tilt & Turn
Single leaf Entrance Door