Alumil Supreme M30700

The new lift-and-slide M30700 with high antiballistic protection (FB4, FB6 level) and noise reduction is a robust non-thermal system which offers a wide range of typologies for lift & sliding frames such as double, triple, multiple sash horizontal sliding windows, as well as double sash meeting stile & pocket windows.

The profiles’ interconnection was designed so as to allow the system to carry weight up to 600 Kg per sash. M30700 system uses glass thickness up to 37mm with the application of special security glazing beads and special 6mm blades for high level security and inox massive rail.

  • Sash width 78 mm
  • Anti ballistic protection FB4 level without additional steel reinforcement (“Magnum 0,357”, “Remington 0,45”)
  • Anti ballistic protection FB6 level with additional steel reinforcement (“Kalashnikov 7.62x51mm 5.56x45mm”)
  • The system uses stainless steel hardware and special security glazing beads
  • Sash weight up to 600 Kg and glass thickness up to 37 mm


Frame depth      

203,5 mm

Sash depth

90 mm

Minimum visible face width 

149 mm

Sash mechanism weight limit

600 Kg

Glass thickness

37 mm

Cross section thickness

up to 12 mm



Type of system



W/ m2K

Exterior aesthetics


Sliding Type

Lift & Slide

Type of thermal insulation



GU 934


double, triple, multiple sash horizontal sliding window
double sash meeting stile & pocket window