Alumil Supreme M9760

M9760 belongs to Alumil's antiballistic range of products. It is a robust thermal-break system for fixed and tilt-and-turn windows as well as for entrance doors. The profiles’ interconnection was designed so that the system could carry heavy duty patio doors and window. The door weight can be up to 150 Kg and the window sash weight up to 130 Kg.

M9760 includes very thick profiles and solid aluminium outer shield.  The system has been certified for level FB4 antiballistic protection from the Hellenic Defense Systems' laboratory, which is the only recognized defense laboratory in Greece by NATO.

Some of its benefits of this antiballistic system are:

  • Antiballistic protection of FB4 level (for “Magnum 0,357”, “Remington 0,45”)
  • The system uses heavy duty hinges and special security glazing bead
  • Leaf weight up to 150 Kg for entrance doors and 130 Kg for windows
  • Glass thickness up to 50 mm 


Frame depth      

87 mm

Sash depth

94,5 mm

Minimum visible face width 

116 mm

Minimum visible width (Τ-profile)


Sash mechanism weight limit

130 - 150 Kg

Glass thickness

30 to 50 mm

Cross section thickness

1,5 -15,0



Type of system



2.44 – 3.6 W/m2K

Exterior aesthetics


Glazing method

Glazing Bead

Type of thermal insulation

20 - 24 mm polyamide


European Groove


Fixed light
Single & Double Tilt & Turn window
Single & Double  leaf entrance door