Alumil Supreme S13600

World class insulating rolling shutter box, 26x32cm, ideal for very large spans and wide sliding systems, such as S700.

  • Double glass-reinforced polyamide 38 mm and high thermal insulation Usb ~ 1 W/m2K
  • Increased sound insulation >40dB
  • Chambered profiles for high levels of sturdiness and anti-burglar protection
  • Mounted on frames with up to 270mm width 
  • Maximum construction height over 3.5m
  • Special type entry guides with roller and inox pin
  • Rolling shutter box 260 x 320mm
  • For frame width up to 270mm 
  • Double glass-reinforced polyamide 38mm
  • Thermal insulation Usb ~ 1 W/m2K
  • Sound insulation >40dB
  • Maximum construction height over 3.5m