Alumil Supreme S650 Automatic

The S650 Automatic system is the S650 series version with electric motion.The elegant design and the superiority of the electric motion make it the perfect solution for constructions that require wide spans, perfect functionality and comfort, without restricting the view to residents.

The innovative design of the profiles of S650 electric version in combination with the concealed mechanism ensures the smooth motion of the system with emphasis on safety and functionality.

  • Remote controlled electric motion for ease of use. 
  • Central control motion sensor, locking, fire and trapped through cache circuit board (PCB) for maximum security.
  • Narrow interlocking profile with only 25 mm visible aluminum face width.
  • Available low threshold of 45 mm total visible aluminum face width.
  • Operates in cases of blackout thanks to a battery included in the mechanism and to a handle for manual operation (optional).
  • Double sash parallel sliding typologies and combinations with fixed windows. 
  • Double row of polyamides 20 mm, 18 mm width in the frame and 18 mm, 14.8 mm width polyamides in the sash profile.
  • Perimetrical sealing of the frames with double row of brushes.
  • Easy installation / removal of the sash in case of maintenance or replacement.


Frame width    

164 mm

Sash width

62 mm

Minimum visible height of construction 

Concealed profiles

Sash mechanism weight limit

up to 600 Kg

Visible interlocking profile width

25 mm

Maximum glass thickness


Cross section thickness

1 -3 mm



Type of system



1,1 W/m2K

Exterior aesthetics


Sliding Type


Type of thermal insulation

18,6 mm polyamide, PVC




  • Double horizontal sliding sash
  • Double horizontal sliding sash with fixed light
  • Four horizontal sliding sashes with meeting stile
  • Double horizontal sliding sash meeting stile with fixed lights
  • Corner typology with four sliding sashes
  • Corner typology with two sliding sashes and fixed lights
  • Triple horizontal sliding sash
  • Four horizontal sliding sashes