Aluminco SL 200 sliding - thermal break

The sliding innovative thermal break system AL200 provides energy savings, absolute reliability, and excellent quality. The architectural trend that looks straight untied lines with the least apparent aluminum frame has the trademark in its design.

The special profile series provide comprehensive solutions in the configuration of the house as well as ease of construction.

The designated feature  of the serie is  that  it  requires  only 100 mm wall clearance to accept rail with glass, flyscreen and rolling shutter giving. 

Basic characteristics

• Minimum wall gap 100mm for triple rail configuration.

• Fortified overlapping rails with mechanical corner connection for stronger constructions.

• Special designed completely waterproof central adaptor with excellent functionality.

• Excellent waterproofing and insulation using additional profiles to the hook profile section.

• Use of Anti-bimetallic polyamide. Its usage reduces the distortion between the inner and outer aluminium profile.

Anti-bimetallic polyamide

A unique innovation intergrated to a unique sliding aluminium system.

Its usage reduces the distortion between the inner and outer aluminium profile due to possible temperature differences.

  • Sash width: 34 mm
  • Double overlapping rail dimensions: 37mm & 90mm
  • Triple flush-fitted glass-mosq. screen-shutter dimensions: 32mm & 98,5mm
  • Glass thickness up to 25 mm
  • Polyamides: 24 mm