Shutter System SH 3200

The new Shutter system “SH 3200” reflects the current trends for passive solar shading suitable for residential buildings.

The SH 3200 stands for the numerous of different structures and typologies that integrates while the inspired design offers high quality constructions with incomparable functionality.

It is thus an external shading system which is installed with both conventional typologies in collaboration with opening windows, as well as an independent structure while its best advantages is that it accepts the entire range of fixed louvers, as well as the system of movable louver of 25 mm.

The SH 3200 demonstrated in practice a pleasant system, extremely friendly and practical to use, unique in its kind.

Basic Characteristics

  •  Constructions of opening, sliding and folding shutters systems by using the same sash.
  •  Use of special rollers for smooth scrolling and alignment of the sash for both folding and sliding system.
  •  Large variety of opening shutters in all possible typologies (fixed, single-ply, two-ply, four-leaf).
  •  Accepts fixed louvers, oval and movable louver.
  •  Movable shading leaves placed on the outer or inner side of the railings and over the railing, ideal for applications on balconies.
  • Guide width: 39/46 mm
  • Frame width: 60 mm
  • Sash width: 39 mm