Greek Invention And Manufacture the “Green” Windows of GOOGLE

The old building of the Port Authority (Port Authority), New York stands in Manhattan, over the port of the American metropolis. The building belongs now, Google and the last two years renovated. What stands out, so for someone who looks from the outside, and for someone to come in for a meeting, it is the Greek epinoiseos and construction frames. This is frames of Alumil - Mylonas, the basic skeleton of which is manufactured at the company's factory in the Industrial Area of ​​Kilkis and their assembly is done in the Alumil Fabrication facilities, its subsidiary in the US. The project is nearing completion and the Greek company expects to become a "passport" for both the US market and for other jobs that require a similar approach. A «green» success story between two major companies, fully compatible with the sensibilities of the time, which requires low power consumption and "green" footprint.

Over 20 million. Dollars.

As the head of G. Miller company has said it is one of the most important jobs secured by Alumil not only in economic terms -the project exceeds 20 million. Dol.-, both in quality and features. This is because in these frames has applied the latest technology, which "translates" into two levels: on the highest thermal index in the world and the intelligent management of natural lighting. The aim is to reduce the energy footprint, as Google gives great environmental issues. So we double check the environmental sensitivity of the suppliers.

The Chronicles.

Passive buildings are the future construction activity, as well as the need for energy-efficient buildings is increasing, not only for economy but also because of the great need for minimization of harmful substances into the atmosphere. Based on studies, the building energy consumption is 40% of the total energy expended worldwide. Companies like Google and ALUMIL know this very well, which leads to the conclusion that their cooperation may be pleasantly surprised, but certainly not coincidental.

It all started in March 2012, when the ALUMIL informed of the requirements of a major project for the US technology giant Google Inc. The project involved windows which, according to the specifications required a thermal coefficient Uw = 0,57 W / m2K, ie windows were very high thermal insulation. The ALUMIL, which operates in the US market almost a decade now, immediately filed the proposal. Through advanced window suggested even higher thermal insulation with U value Uw = 0,55 W / m2K.

In October 2012 was the presentation of the proposal of the Greek company. At the same time it presented a prototype of the proposed window. It is worth noting that the ALUMIL was the only company to make a proposal at the rate requested by Google and even slightly lower than the standards! However, since not filed any other proposal -profanos its exacting specifications; architectural office that organized the process on behalf of Google decided to "relax" the data and raised the heat transfer coefficient Uw = 1,14 W / m2K, so succeed and other offers, expecting a lower cost.

In January 2013 the ALUMIL presented the second proposal, adapted to new specifications. Immediately became the construction of the original window, which included additional external shading louvers with aerodynamic design and high-functioning internal shading curtains. The high speed of response of ALUMIL across process caused positive impression. The specimen was placed in the agreed time for evaluation and ALUMIL responded faster than its competitors.

Google also asked for a detailed report on the energy of the window manufacturing footprint, based on the company's production methods, the energy transfer footprint (per Kg of material produced), the percentage of recycled materials used and energy sources utilized by modules production. In the ALUMIL factory in the industrial area Kilkis, where the Greek company uses mainly natural gas and solar energy, were for one week of five experts Google partners and recorded everything. Until and if minors are used for work, as in other latitudes of the planet! Essentially, therefore, the American giant of the Internet and communications went on radiography and mapping of the production process of the Greek industry in environmental terms. A completely new process, which pretty much shows how to do business in the coming years, at least in the developed world, where environmental sensitivities are increasing and "green processes" are absolutely necessary. Eventually, after some adjustments to the project architects around the sections, the window reached its final form. For confirmation of the final design were the planned performance audits to certification chambers to ALUMIL's facilities and later in the US, with measurements in air tightness, water tightness, wind pressure and end load resistance design.

After all this process ALUMIL won the contest having towards the mainly German and Chinese competitors. The work proceeded in the coming weeks is completed successfully.